Our Franchise

A quality menu

Prepared by our expert restaurateurs, with decades of experience in the sector, under a single premise: maximum quality. prepare the dough of the pizza daily, fresh vegetables bought on the market, burgers 100% beef and ingredients of first brands are essential elements to serve a quality cuisine, a prerequisite for customer loyalty.


An innovative approach to the menu with our Movie Pizzas that surprise everyone with their original ingredients. Innovation in the preparation of our recipes is a key differentiating factor, allowing Scooter’s Pizza Factory and its franchisees to offer a product that stands out from the rest, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and minimizing the risk for the investor.

Location assistance

The right location is key to ensuring the success of your investment. Our experience will help you achieve that success. We travel, study the location, the potential demand of the area, the competition and provide you with the necessary information to check the suitability of each location.

Consulting and preparation

We help you with advice on the design of the premises, distribution of furniture, choice of machinery and necessary equipment, training of kitchen and living room staff and on-site support in the assembly. Carrying the investor by the hand until the very day of the inauguration.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to join a young, fast-growing business making a profit in less than 18 months.

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