Solidarity Pizza “Aldeas Infantiles”

Solidarity Pizza “Aldeas Infantiles”

Scooter’s Pizza Factory, in its solidarity commitment, has created a solidarity pizza with Aldeas Infantiles. The aim is to allocate a large part of the profits from the sales of this solidarity pizza to the actions that Aldeas Infantiles develops in the Canary Islands.

What is Aldeas Infantiles doing in the Canary Islands?

Aldeas Infantiles has been working in the Canary Islands since 1992. Its objective is to attend to children in a situation of family distress. Telde has 6 children’s homes in which they take care of about 100 children, providing them with a stable home, covering their needs and offering them the family environment they have not had. It also offers a day centre for children up to the age of 14 in which they carry out school reinforcement workshops and are given snacks.

Another of the programs that Aldeas Infantiles has is that of teenage mothers. Through a family school they teach habits of hygiene, nutrition, educational guidelines or labour insertion and thus avoid having to ask for the protection of the minor. In addition, through scholarships, it also helps young people gain access to university studies that otherwise they would never have been able to pursue. At Scooter’s Pizza Factory we think it’s a wonderful project and that’s why we wanted to collaborate with them.

Pizza solidaria Aldeas Infantiles


How can I collaborate with the Solidarity Pizza of Aldeas Infantiles?

Now you can also collaborate and put your grain of sand in this project, allowing it to be maintained and grow to serve more children and youth. All you have to do is order the solidarity pizza when you go to any Scooter’s. In addition, this solidarity pizza was created by the children of Aldeas Infantiles, choosing their favorite ingredients: tomato, cheese, tuna, millet and olives. A solidary pizza that is also delicious and healthy. You can’t ask for more! Scooter’s Pizza Factory and Children’s Villages will be very grateful.

Here’s a video in which 3 girls from Children’s Villages tell you about the project. Enjoy it!


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